Token Name: Marty Inu

Token Symbol: $MARTY

​​​Total Supply: 687,024,004 (687M) $MARTY

Decimals: 9

Supply inspiration: The Martian calendar inspires the total supply of the $MARTY Inu token.

  • 687: Days in a Martian year

  • 024: Months in the Martian calendar

  • 004: Approximate weeks in a Martian month

Tax: 0% deductions on all transactions

Liquidity Pool: 100% of $MARTY's liquidity pool was sent to the burn address (LOCKED FOREVER)

Contract: Our mint has been revoked, meaning no new tokens can be created.

No wallet can interact with the $MARTY contract, as it has no owner (RENOUNCED)



Liquidity Pools (LP)


Airdrops to Marty v1 Holders


Reserve for Listing


Development Team




  • Liquidity Pools (LPs): 30% - Ensuring market stability and fluid trading conditions.

  • Marty v1 Airdrops: 30% - Airdrops to Marty (Classic) holders before the snapshot 03-13-2024 at 3:51 AM EST More details link

  • Reserve for Listing: 20% - Dedicated to enhancing $MARTY's accessibility across various platforms.

  • Development Team: 10% - Supporting the team behind MARTY Inu, fueling continuous innovation and project development.

  • Marketing: 10% - Allocated for comprehensive marketing strategies, broadening the token's reach and appeal.

Risk Mitigation in Token Distribution:

To reduce risk scores on DEX platforms, each allocation percentage will be split and distributed into several wallets. This approach is taken to mitigate the risks associated with single wallet holdings, which can often lead to a higher risk score on decentralized exchanges. By distributing tokens across multiple wallets, we aim to maintain a healthier and more secure trading environment for our users.

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