Market Strategy

  • Exchange Listings: Focused on enhancing accessibility and visibility of the token, prioritizing key decentralized exchanges for initial listings.

  • Initial Liquidity Pool on Raydium: The initial liquidity pool for MARTY Inu will be created on Raydium, one of the leading decentralized exchanges on the Solana blockchain. This choice is in line with our goal to ensure liquidity and a stable trading environment from the outset.

  • Expansion to Orca: Following the establishment on Raydium, plans are in place to explore adding MARTY Inu to Orca. This move is inspired by the strategies of top meme coins, aiming to broaden our reach and enhance the token’s presence in the Solana ecosystem.

  • Community Airdrop Strategy: The allocation set aside for community airdrops as part of the tokenomics will be utilized to conduct airdrops into strong, existing meme token communities. These communities will be selected through voting by the MARTY Inu community. This strategy aims to welcome new holders, expand our reach, and enhance engagement with new audiences. We can foster a broader, more diverse, engaged holder base by targeting vibrant communities that align with our ethos.

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